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Emilio’s Bistro & Pizzeria is a very well kept secret in the Clarence Valley! As far as secrets go none get any better than a chefs secret sauce recipe. Owner of Emilio’s Bistro and Pizzeria, Emilio Liquete has a few of those hidden secrets up his proverbial chef’s hat. While Emilio might not share his secret ingredients with those of us who dine on his luscious Italian morsels there is always an exception to that rule.

Where there is an apprentice there is also a master and Emilio’s teacher was none other than Beppi Polese, the founder of Sydney’s highly revered restaurant of four generations, Beppi’s Italian Restaurant, Australia’s longest running Italian restaurant.

Emilio completed his apprenticeship at BEPPI’S RESTAURANT and worked there for five years before leaving and heading to the coast for a lifestyle change. Beppi’s longstanding quality was recently awarded the ‘Ospitalita’ Italiana’ certification which acknowledges exceptional hospitality, food and service in Italian restaurants worldwide.

Cooking for celebrities like Mariah Carey and Billy Joel to emulating a traditional Italian master chef like Mr Polese to downtown Wooli has its advantages. Those advantages laid the necessary foundation for Emilio to aim higher than average when preparing his Italian food with those special secret ingredients. Emilio’s delicious dining experiences are gathering momentum and a new wave of foodies who value and appreciate traditional flavours and exceptional quality when they head to the coast, at Wooli.
Along with his homemade Italian cuisine and secret sauce recipes Emilio also brings expert knowledge in German and Austrian cooking as well as working with the famous ‘Wooli Oysters’.

Emilio’s Bistro & Pizzeria offers gourmet Italian pizzas, bistro burgers, salads, mains and entrees 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Phone 0266 497 532.